Industrial grade prototypes, production parts or spare parts, tools and molds:

  • 3D Printer ProX DMP 200 from 3D Systems

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering Technolodgy

  • Greater speeds for production, short set up times

  • High-performance, high-quality 3D printing

  • Production of small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling

  • High quality parts ideal for R&D and serial part manufacturing at the tightest tolerances

  • Industry’s best surface finished parts with exceptional accuracy

  • Accommodate innovative part design versus conventional processes

  • Topology optimized parts and mass customization

  • Complex and thin-walled structures allow significant part weight reduction

Build Volume: 140mm x 140mm x 90mm

Repeatability: х = 0,02 mm; y= 0,02 mm; z= 0,02 mm

Minimum Feature Size: х = 0,1mm; y= 0,1mm; z= 0,02 mm

Typical Accuracy: +/- 0,05 mm on small parts, +/- 0.2% on large parts.


  • Maraging Steel 1,2709

  • Stainless Steel 17-4PH

Due to 3D Systems’ patented layer applying technology, smaller particles can be used that allow to generate finest feature detail and thinnest wall thicknesses.With a surface finish quality of up to 5 Ra μm (200 Ra micro inches) less post-processing is required. Due to excellent powder compaction, the ProX DMP 200 builds down to 20° angles without supports.